Using Data to Drive Debate:

An increase of women in leadership positions has a positive impact on business, politics and the economy. So why, in the era of TIME’UP and #METOO, are we not seeing a rise in female representation?
Women Leaders Global Forum (WLGF) is committed to leading the important debate around a new, more inclusive, definition of power in business and politics. We’ve created THE PULSE, an interactive tool to start the conversation on women in leadership. It used Twitter data and a sentiment algorithm to track over 10,000 CONVERSATIONS a day so that at any given time, we can see exactly how the world is discussing women. THE PULSE tracks tweets that reference WOMEN + WLGF’s key values: SUCCESS, COMMUNITY, POWER, LEADER, DIVERSITY and CHANGE.
THE PULSE grows in scale or shrinks depending on the frequency of discussion, and changes to a darker colour if sentiment around a topic is negative. The data-driven graphic visually illustrates the online conversation about women in real-time and each tweet makes up the conversation that can be explored.
Check WLGF pulse here: