In cooperation with Deloitte

Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Björtuloft

Notions of leadership today should evolve. Today, many people no longer want to be just invited to a ‘party’, they want to ‘dance’.
Many are seeking leaders who embody emotional intelligence and can cultivate an inclusive culture that fosters acceptance and authenticity across the whole organization. 9 This shift in expectation requires a mixture of hard and soft power traits from leaders, to enable them to lead a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone can ‘dance’. Join us for an interactive session on the key traits of inclusive leaders. Together we will deep dive on the day-to-day actions that leaders can embrace to drive inclusivity in their organizations.


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In cooperation with Volkswagen
Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Rima B
We would like to share a vision with you, the vision of accident-free driving –autonomous driving. 23,400 fewer traffic fatalities in Europe that is what Volkswagen believes is possible in the not too distant future. How is that attainable? One component is a broad-based introduction of autonomous driverless vehicles. To realize this vision, more is needed than engineering skill. The entire society –especially legislators on national and European levels –must play an active role in creating the legal framework. We all should promote acceptance of the idea of autonomous driving to help it achieve a breakthrough. That is because we not just think of automated driving as a technical and economic challenge of the automotive industry. We also see it as a societal responsibility.


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In cooperation with Facebook

Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Rima A

Learn how to start using Facebook to engage with your constituents. This session will go over the difference between a profile and a page, how to get started, managing comments and some content best practices.


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In cooperation with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Kaldalón
This interactive session will discuss key issues affecting the well-being of women; illustrate Native Hawaiian w?hine(women) leaders turning ideas into action; and empower women who are reducing inequality. Conversationalists will leave this session with collaborative ideas that ignite equality and success for women’s health and well-being. This Leaders Talk will contribute value-producing imagery for stakeholders to consider ways we engage one another and share perspectives of empowerment. We will co-create powerful declarations to leverage collective impact for the well-being of females around the world. WLGF participants are invited to submit photos of empowerment/well-being in their region to us via email.


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In cooperation with the UN Foundation

Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Háuloft
A discussion will be led on ending violence against women and girls, and the role of the Spotlight Initiative, the global and multi-year effort initiated by the EU and UN and launched in 2107. The dialogue will include a conversation about the Spotlight approach and the need to engage governments and the private sector in ending violence against women through increasing investment, changing policy and social norms, improving the depiction of girls and women in media, and creating safer, more equal work places. This conversation will also highlight positive and negative impacts of digitalisation, including how digitalization has given girls and women connection and a common global language (#MeToo), yet also allows for anonymous misogyny to flourish.


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In cooperation with the Fair Pay Innovation Lab

Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Visa
Why does the gender pay gap prove so intractable? What is standing in the way of fair pay for all? How does a sustainable pay strategy succeed, and does it ultimately pay? Where are demands made of companies, where are demands made of politics, and at which interfaces is there a need for optimisation? Our concern lies in the practical implementation of pay equity in everyday business operations. To meet the challenges in everyday business operations, it needs concrete solutions and practical measures. In order to develop new ideas and sound out innovative potential, the workshop brings all the actors on the labour market to the table – in quite concrete terms.


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In cooperation with the OECD
Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, SilfurbergB
It might appear that while human beings make subjective and fallible decisions, algorithms can make purely objective decisions, and are thus arbiters of truth. Not only do algorithmic outputs mirror and perpetuate inequalities in our society, they may amplify and strengthen gendered bias and stereotypes. One example are the online ads which maybe showing bias against women by serving ads for high-paying jobs disproportionately to men. Design of data-driven instruments and algorithms must factor in gender-based dynamics at play. There is major scope to improve transparency and accountability around these issues. We aim to shape the talks around the role of political leaders and governments, in partnership with the private sector, in raising awareness about the potential gender bias in big data and offering solutions to improve accountability.




In cooperation with the IceFemin

Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Esja4
Iceland has topped the WEF Gender Gap Index for the last nine years. Behind that fact is a long story of struggle, actions and pressure on behalf of women's movements. The Women’s Alliance played a crucial role in this success. What can be learned from the experience of founding and working within The Women’s Alliance, which led to fundamental changes in Iceland? The key to this Icelandic story was the freedom the women enjoyed, how they denounced dominant political ideas of how a society should be run, traditional political classifications, dispersion and patriarchal ideology and were loyal to their own values and ideas. This proved to be a forceful empowerment and source of creativity and inspiration. Women became important catalysts. That is what the world needs now!


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In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland
Venue: Harpa ConferenceCentre, Esja3
The Foreign Ministry of Iceland, in cooperation with HöfðiReykjavik Peace Center and the Nordic Embassies, the British Embassy, Canadian Embassy and the US Embassy in Reykjavik, will host a session on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325; Women, Peace and Security. Numbers speak volume. Only 77 out of the UN 193 member states have fulfilled their obligation to outline and implement a National Action Plan. Iceland this month published the 3rd NAP where the focus is on increased internal training and increased awareness on vulnerability and security. The participants will compare notes, discuss means and measures to motivate and get Women, Peace and Security actively on the agenda.


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