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Power, Together Awards


The power to advance society – to change and move things in a positive way – comes from using our power together. This is especially true when change is needed to increase the number and power of women leaders. Together, women can make the changes necessary; together women can create societies of better diversity; together women can make sure the future holds as many opportunities for girls and women as for boys and men.

The POWER, TOGETHER AWARDS honour outstanding global initiatives that inspire people to Power, Together to create positive change in society.

The 2020 Reykjavík Global Forum recognises the following awardees for their outstanding achievement of making the “Pink Ribbon” the globally recognised icon for breast cancer awareness.

  • Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker,  Founder of Susan G. Komen and Promise Fund of Florida
  •  Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, President, Iceland (1980-1996)


The Pink Ribbon is a powerful symbol, known everywhere in the world. Wearing it is  a strong statement of support for women with breast cancer, be it moral, emotional or financial.

Nancy G. Brinker, and Vigdís Finnbogadóttir  have demonstrated the power of collective action, by channeling breast cancer awareness into a simple and globally used symbol. This helps access to health services and advance research for a cure.

The Pink Ribbon

The Pink Ribbon is a powerful, well known symbol in the world that manages to channel breast cancer awareness into a simple symbol. Wearing it has become a strong statement of support for women with breast cancer. It inspires unity through hope that together, society can increase the success of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer worldwide, creating a better future for all.

Nancy G. Brinker

Since 2009, Brinker has been WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control. Through her service as Founder of Susan G. Komen and Promise Fund of Florida, she built the global breast cancer movement combining science, education, and direct support to people facing breast cancer. The Promise Fund for Florida, which Brinker co-funded, recently announced grants totaling $400,000 to six local healthcare organizations.

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir

In 1980, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir was elected President in Iceland, having recently become a survivor of breast cancer. Throughout her distinguished career, breast cancer awareness has been a priority. She is a leader of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Iceland and has become an international advocate for the movement and its research. 

The 2020 POWER, TOGETHER AWARDS will be presented through a digital ceremony held on 11 November in the presence of distinguished women leaders.