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Who will lead us into the next decade?

Who should lead us into the next decade and beyond?

It’s time for a change. It’s time for girls and women to lead the world with brains and hearts.

Today’s leaders are almost all men: 93% Heads of State and 92% of Heads of Government and 95% of Fortune 500 companies CEO’s are men.

For change to happen, the connection of today’s leaders with girls, the next generation of leaders is imperative.

GirlSummit is a 3 day annual conference for #Girl2Leader delegates held in Iceland in the immediate run up to the Reykjavík Global Forum. It will be held for the first time in November 2019.

GirlSummit, created by WPL, will provide a platform for future leaders from around the world to improve their skills, inspire and get inspired.

70 exceptional girls will be invited to attend the conference, networking with peers, meeting with Mentors, discussing and working on solutions to global challenges that face not only today’s leaders but also those of the future.

WPL and #Girl2Leader have partnered with international organisations such as Plan International, Girls20, Running Start and The Mo Ibrahim Foundation to provide platforms for girls to realise their potential and give them the tools to succeed on the road to and in leadership.

Partner organisations give #Girl2Leader and WPL suggestions of girls to attend GirlSummit and there is an open online application process inviting girls to submit a motivational video, which will be their “Audition”. Those with a passion for leadership and showing strong commitment to their own cause will be selected to attend.