Apply for an invitation for WLGF 2019


WLGF creates positive measurable change. In the spirit of ‘Power, Together’ WLGF launches its Community of Action



A positive actionable pledge initiates progress. WLGF encourages the use of The Conversationist Pledge to ensure that we walk the talk, walk the WLGF conversation: to increase the action and subsequent positive change that comes from the Forum.

At WLGF 2019, all Conversationists are invited (but not obliged) to make a pledge: a commitment to a concrete and measurable action, in line with the WLGF purpose, for the next 12 months. The pledge can be personal, or on behalf of the company or organisation a Conversationist represents. The pledge can be big or small, involve money or not, can be local or global – each Conversationist takes an individual choice.

The pledge should have indications of time frame and ways to measure outcomes. While there is and remains free choice for the content of the Conversationist Pledges, they will be, over time, clustered thematically.

Conversationists will have the opportunity to announce their pledges during WLGF 2019 in Reykjavik. WLGF will recognise corporates and individuals as their pledges turn into measurable outcomes during a special ceremony at WLGF Reykjavik. A pledge screen (interactive and constantly updated) will display the pledges made during WLGF 2019. Progress of the pledges will be documented online at WLGF throughout the year.

WLGF will continue to promote the Community of Action between the annual gatherings in Reykjavik, giving it prominence in the rolling calendar:

  • WLGF Community of Action Breakfast during Davos week 2020, Thursday January 23, Davos/Switzerland
  • WPL Summit 2020, June 2020, New York, NY, USA
  • UN General Assembly, September 2020, New York, NY, USA
  • WLGF 2020 will show the outcomes of the pledges. Conversationists can then renew the pledge, add to them, or make a new pledge – to be showcased at WLGF 2021.