Imagine Women Leaders from all continents creating significance and impact but with a difference in style. When Silvana Koch-Mehrin, Founder and President of the Women Political Leaders (WPL), and Hanna Birna Kristjansdottir, Chair of WPL’s Executive Board, experienced the World Economic Forum in January 2017, they were determined to turn “imagine?” into “we can do it!”. They were convinced that Iceland, as the best country for women (according to the WEF’s Global Gender Gap Report) would be the perfect location for a Women Leaders Global Forum. A conference, bringing together women leaders from all sectors, politics, business, tech, science, media etc… Having convened Women Political Leaders in Iceland in November 2017, the next step was obvious: make it a tradition; WPL with the Government and the Parliament of Iceland to annually co-host a multi-stakeholder, Women Leaders Global Forum.

The Women Leaders Global Forum has its inaugural event on the 26 th – 28 th of November 2018 in Reykjavik, Iceland, the leading country globally for equality between women and men.

The Forum will be held on an annual basis and is co-hosted by Women Political Leaders (WPL) and the Government and the Parliament of Iceland, co-chaired by leaders of the OECD, World Bank, World Economic Forum and others.

The Women Leaders Global Forum’s mission is to provide a platform where women leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions on how to further advance society, increase equality between women and men and promote and positively develop the number of women in leadership positions. Under the heading “We Can Do It”, this year’s theme is Digitalisation – The way it has created an increasingly interconnected world, single-handedly changing the way we live, work and love.

The event will feature keynote speakers, all internationally recognised for their contribution to advancing society and the 400 invitation only delegates from over 100 countries, will be able to attend 24 LeaderTalks as well as special PowerStations for bilateral meetings along with a variety of exciting and unexpected Off Venue events.


The Women Leaders Global Forum is the platform for people who advance society. It networks outstanding women leaders, who are playing a vital role in their respective fields: with their creativity, their politics, their business, their research findings or their personal involvement in a cause they are passionate about.


WPL Summit 2017 - Reykjavik, Iceland

The WPL Summit 2017 was hosted in cooperation with the Althingi –Iceland’s Parliament– and the Government of Iceland, in Reykjavík on 28-30 November.


This high-level conference brought together 400 female political leaders from all over the world.



The Summit took place under the special aegis of Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. Icelanders made Vigdis Finnbogadottir the world’s first democratically elected woman president in 1980. Finnbogadottir, who served longer as president than any woman from any country, also founded the Council of Women World Leaders (CWWL) twenty years ago.